Social and Life Skills Worksheets for Teens and Adults

Adulting Life Skills Resources is your trusted source for Social Skills Worksheets designed to empower teens and adults with autism. Our unique approach incorporates storytelling and social narratives to provide an engaging and effective way to learn essential social skills.

Omar Learns How to Ask for Help is a high school life skills worksheet on the importance of seeking assistance with politeness and gratitude.

Jasmine Complete a Job Application is a worksheet designed to empower high school life skills students with essential job application skills.

Nelson Learns the Importance of Party Etiquette is a life skills worksheet to assist students in promoting positive social interactions.

Discover the significance of personal hygienea in this engaging self-care story, ideal for starting conversations about essential practices like showering, and wearing clean clothes.

This vocational skills story provides valuable insights, including research strategies, appropriate attire, and effective interview etiquette.

Discover the art of dressing appropriately for different occasions like school, work, social events and outdoor adventures with Alyssa’s guidance in this practical life skills story.

Jasmine Learns How to Avoid Making Impulsive Decisions is a worksheet for high school life skills teachers to assist students in making thoughtful decisions.

Brian Learns to Speak with Kindness is a vital life skills worksheet to teach high school students the role of effective communication and maintaining a positive attitude.

Understand the significance of secure passwords and internet safety with Alexa’s journey in this practical life skills story, perfect for starting a discussion about online safety.

Practice safe home responses to doorbell rings with Austin’s guidance in this practical independent living skills story, using simple language, repetition, and imitation for effective learning.

Discover the importance of home safety measures like locking doors and windows in this practical independent living skills story, designed to initiate discussions on safeguarding your home.

Learn essential emergency safety tips, including how to respond to fires, with Nora’s guidance in this practical independent living skills story, perfect for initiating discussions on emergency preparedness.

Prepare for success on your first workday with Olivia’s helpful tips on dressing right, managing commute, and getting ready for orientation in this practical life skills worksheet.

Alexa Learns the Importance of Empathy, and Active Listening is an invaluable life skills worksheet to assist students with effective communication.

Nelson Learns to Organize His Daily Activities is an invaluable worksheet designed for high school life skills teachers, to track events effectively.

Discover essential laundry tips and the significance of clothing care labels in this practical independent living skills story, presented in simple and clear language for easy understanding.

Nelson Learns to Schedule Appointments is a special education worksheet designed to equip high school students with essential life skills.

Alexa Learn to Write a Resume is a worksheet designed to empower high school students with the essential skills required to create a compelling resume.

Why Choose Adulting Life and Skills Social Skills Worksheets?

Our comprehensive Social Skills Worksheets cover a variety of essential social topics, including:
Asking for Help: Learn how to confidently seek assistance when needed, fostering independence while building positive relationships.
Party Etiquette: Understand the subtleties of social gatherings, from greetings to polite conversation and gracious exits.
Dressing for All Occasions: Gain insights into appropriate attire for various social events, promoting self-confidence and acceptance.
The Benefits of Good Personal Hygiene: Discover the importance of maintaining personal hygiene for overall well-being and successful social interactions.
Responding When Someone Rings Your Doorbell: Navigate the nuances of receiving guests and interacting politely in your home.
Staying Safe in an Emergency: Develop critical skills for staying safe and seeking help during emergencies.

At Adulting Life Skills Resources, we are dedicated to helping individuals with autism build meaningful connections and confidently navigate social situations. Our worksheets are thoughtfully crafted with the following features:
Interactive Stories: Our worksheets revolve around immersive stories transforming social scenarios into relatable, real-life experiences. This storytelling approach makes learning enjoyable and relatable.
Clear and Simple Language: We use plain language to ensure that social concepts are easily understandable, catering to a wide range of learners.
Real-World Experience: All our content is based on real-world situations, allowing learners to acquire practical social skills that they can immediately apply to their daily lives.
Age-Appropriate Graphics: We incorporate age-appropriate graphics that resonate with teens and adults, enhancing the visual learning experience.
Questions and Answers: Each worksheet includes thought-provoking questions and detailed answers to reinforce learning and measure progress. This feature empowers educators, therapists, parents, and caregivers to track the development of essential social skills effectively.

Who Benefits from Our Social Skills Worksheets?
Life Skills Teachers: Enhance your curriculum with our interactive resources to empower students with essential social skills.
Adult Autism Centers: Support individuals with autism in building the confidence and abilities needed for successful social interactions.
Occupational Therapists: Integrate our worksheets into your therapy sessions to help clients with autism develop crucial social skills for greater independence and well-being.
Parents and Caregivers: Equip your loved ones with autism with the tools they need to thrive in social settings.

At Adulting Life Skills Resources, we are committed to helping individuals with autism develop the social skills necessary for building connections and leading fulfilling lives. Explore our interactive worksheets today and embark on the journey toward enhanced social confidence and success.