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Independent Living Skills
How to Create a Grocery Shopping List
How to Dress for All Occasions
How to Schedule Appointments
How to Complete a Roommate Agreement
How to Complete a Rental Agreement

Personal Finance
How to Create a Monthly Budget
How Credit Cards Work
How to Research Before Shopping Online
How to Read a Bank Statement
The Benefits of Debit Card Alerts

Career Exploration
How to Fill Out a Job Application
How to Prepare for a Job Interview
25 Tips for a Successful First Day at Work
How to Write Your First Resume
How to Read a Pay Stub 

Seasonal Worksheets
New Year
Valentine’s Day
Veteran’s Day
Women’s History Month

Kitchen and Food Safety
Basic Food Safety Rules
How to Read Food Labels
Proper Food Storage
Kitchen Appliance Safety Tips
How to Maintain a Smoke Detector 

Social Skills
The Importance of Empathy
The Benefits of Good Personal Hygiene
Learn about Party Etiquette
How to Ask for Help
Learn to Speak with Kindness 

Medical Safety
How to Administer Basic First Aid
How to Read a Prescription Label
How to Communicate Medical Symptoms
The Dangers of Sharing Medicine
Preparing to Visit the Doctor

Idioms in Context
Decision Making
Critical Thinking
Social Interactions
Time Management

Ideal for special education teachers, therapists, and caregivers, our subscription offers unlimited downloads to support holistic development and independence. Our comprehensive resources cover essential areas like independent living skills, personal finance, career exploration, medical safety, social skills, icons in context, kitchen and food safety, and seasonal worksheets for developing functional life skills.

Equip your students with practical tools for real-life situations. Whether it’s mastering money math, honing grocery shopping skills, or perfecting job interview techniques, our resources are tailored to foster essential life skills. Join a community dedicated to cultivating skills that endure. Start your subscription today and unlock unlimited access to downloadable resources that enhance learning environments and foster essential life skills development.

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