Communication – Idioms in Context

Idioms in Context – Communication is an excellent resource for teaching middle and high school students figurative language. This interactive life skills resource contains 17 worksheets, each focusing on a specific idiom. This special education resource will keep your students interested and motivated with engaging short stories, age-appropriate graphics, relatable dialog, and real-world scenarios.

Number of Pages: 70   File Format: PDF (color and black-and-white)  Grade Levels: 7th – 12th, Adult Education, Homeschool


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  • This figurative language resource includes 17 idioms, such as “A picture is worth a thousand words,” “Actions speak louder than words,” “I’m all ears,” “Beat around the bush,” “Cut to the chase,” “Hold your tongue,” “On the same wavelength,” and others, are presented in a context-rich environment with engaging examples and illustrations, making learning fun and memorable.
  • Each figurative language worksheet includes a simple definition for each idiom, short stories, and reading comprehension questions to promote a deeper understanding of each idiom.
  • This resource’s layout is easy to follow and understand, making it ideal for students of all levels.
  • 102 Multiple-choice reading comprehension and fill-in-the-blank questions.
  • This activity can be utilized as a supplement to a curriculum or as an independent resource.
  • This life skills activity contains step-by-step instructions, reading comprehension questions to reinforce learning and collect data, an answer key, age-appropriate graphics, real-world examples, and ideas for implementation.
Why Use

This resource is designed to help teens and adults develop independent living skills in various settings, such as home, school, work, or the community.

Intended User

This life skills resource can be used by parents, caregivers, special education teachers, therapists, clinicians, and coaches to promote independence in teens and adults.

Where to Use

This life skills resource is ideal for middle and high schools, at-home learning, life skills programs, one-on-one therapy, adult transition programs, social skills groups, adult day centers, and autism life skill centers.


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Adulting Life Skills Resources SPED Idiom in Context for Figurative Language worksheet for middle and high school students covers Communication.Communication – Idioms in Context
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