Safety Skills Worksheets for Teens and Adults

Adulting Life Skills Resources is your trusted destination for Social Skills Worksheets tailored to empower teens and adults with autism. Our innovative approach harnesses storytelling and social narratives to teach crucial life skills related to medical, food and kitchen safety.

Explore essential food safety rules in this engaging kitchen and food safety life skills story, perfect for starting conversations about basic food safety.

Brian’s Kitchen Appliance Safety Tips serves as an indispensable resource for life skills educators to assist high school students and adults with special needs.

Nelson Learn to Maintain His Smoke Detector is a practical life skills worksheet designed to teach high school students and young adults with special needs.

Nelson Learns to Communicate His Medical Symptoms is a high school life skills worksheet for communicating common health symptoms effectively.

Learn the importance of comprehending medication labels and discussing medical information in this practical medicine safety life skills story.

In Omar Learns the Importance of Reading Food Labels, Olivia helps Omar to understand serving sizes, calories, and ingredients.

Jasmine Learns the Dangers of Sharing Medication teaches students about responsible medication use and the importance of following prescribed treatments.

Alexa Creates a Medication List is a valuable life skills worksheet crafted to assist high school students in ensuring effective medication management.

Omar Prepares to Visit His New Doctor is a valuable high school life skills worksheet for preparing for a new primary care doctor’s appointment.

Brian Learns to Provide Emergency Information is a valuable resource designed to teach the essential steps for fostering emergency preparedness skills.

Learn the significance of basic first aid, including identifying and addressing minor injuries and understanding the contents of a first-aid kit.

Nelson Learn About Tracking Supplements is a worksheet that provides a valuable resource designed for high school life skills teachers to assist their students.

Nelson Learns the Importance of Proper Food Handling worksheet designed to share essential knowledge about food safety.

Alexa Learn to Use a Fire Extinguisher is a valuable educational resource tailored for high school life skills teachers, designed to teach fire safety.

Explore the do’s and don’ts of microwave usage, including what items to avoid,  in this practical kitchen and food safety life skills story.

Jasmine Learns About Tracking Allergies is a life skills worksheet for fostering self-care and encouraging discussions about medical information.

Discover the significance of personal hygienea in this engaging self-care story, ideal for starting conversations about essential practices like showering, and wearing clean clothes.

Explore the importance of safe food storage,  in this practical life skills story, perfect for sparking discussions about proper food handling.

Nelson Prepare to Visit the Dentist is an essential high school life skills worksheet tailored to assist students in getting ready for a dental appointment.

Omar Learns How to Ask for Help is a high school life skills worksheet on the importance of seeking assistance with politeness and gratitude.

Why Choose Adulting Life Skills Medical, Kitchen and Food Safety Worksheets?

Our comprehensive Social Skills Worksheets cover a range of essential kitchen and food safety topics, including:
Reading Food Labels: Learn how to understand and interpret food labels to make informed and healthy choices.
Proper Food Handling: Master the art of safe food preparation, including handwashing, avoiding cross-contamination, and safe cooking temperatures.
How to Use a Microwave: Safely and efficiently utilize a microwave for cooking or reheating food.
Food Storage: Understand the importance of proper food storage techniques to prevent food spoilage and waste.
Appliance Safety: Learn how to use kitchen appliances safely to prevent accidents and injuries.

At Adulting Life Skills Resources, we understand the importance of fostering independence and safety in the kitchen for individuals with autism. Our worksheets are meticulously designed to cater to these unique needs with the following features:
Interactive Stories: Our worksheets are built around captivating stories transforming kitchen and food safety concepts into relatable, real-life experiences. This storytelling approach ensures that learning is not only informative but also enjoyable.
Clear and Simple Language: We use plain language to ensure that kitchen safety and food-related concepts are easily understood, making our resources accessible to a wide range of learners.
Real-World Experience: All our content is grounded in real-world situations, allowing learners to acquire practical skills that they can immediately apply in the kitchen.
Age-Appropriate Graphics: We incorporate age-appropriate graphics that resonate with teens and adults, enhancing the visual learning experience.
Questions and Answers: Each worksheet includes thought-provoking questions and detailed answers to reinforce learning and measure progress. This feature empowers educators, therapists, parents, and caregivers to effectively track the development of essential kitchen and food safety skills.

Who Benefits from Our Kitchen & Food Safety Worksheets?
Life Skills Teachers: Enhance your curriculum with our interactive resources to empower your students with essential kitchen and food safety skills.
Adult Autism Centers: Support individuals with autism in building confidence and abilities for safe and independent kitchen practices.
Occupational Therapists: Integrate our worksheets into therapy sessions to help clients with autism develop crucial kitchen and food safety skills for greater independence and well-being.
Parents and Caregivers: Equip your loved ones with autism with the tools they need to safely and confidently navigate the kitchen.

At Adulting Life Skills Resources, we are committed to helping individuals with autism develop the kitchen and food safety skills necessary for their well-being and independence. Explore our interactive worksheets today and embark on the path toward a safer and more self-sufficient culinary journey.