Life Skills Worksheets

Adulting Life Skills Resources is your go-to destination for empowering teens and adults with autism to acquire crucial life skills. Our specialized worksheets utilize storytelling and social narratives, providing an engaging and effective way to learn essential life and social skills.

This vocational skills story provides valuable insights, including research strategies, appropriate attire, and effective interview etiquette.

How to Create a Shopping List is a step-by-step life skills activity for teens that teaches students to create a weekly grocery list based on a budget.

In Omar Learns the Importance of Reading Food Labels, Olivia helps Omar to understand serving sizes, calories, and ingredients.

Discover the art of dressing appropriately for different occasions like school, work, social events and outdoor adventures with Alyssa’s guidance in this practical life skills story.

Discover the significance of personal hygienea in this engaging self-care story, ideal for starting conversations about essential practices like showering, and wearing clean clothes.

Prepare for success on your first workday with Olivia’s helpful tips on dressing right, managing commute, and getting ready for orientation in this practical life skills worksheet.

Explore essential food safety rules with Austin’s guidance in this engaging kitchen and food safety life skills story, perfect for starting conversations about the importance of basic food safety.

Explore the importance of safe food storage, preserving freshness, and preventing cross-contamination in this practical life skills story, perfect for sparking discussions about proper food handling.

Learn the basics of budgeting with Nora and Nelson as they create a budget covering expenses like food, rent, utilities, books, and entertainment in this practical life skills story.

Discover essential laundry tips and the significance of clothing care labels in this practical independent living skills story, presented in simple and clear language for easy understanding.

Learn the significance of basic first aid, including identifying and addressing minor injuries and understanding the contents of a first-aid kit, through Olivia’s guidance in this practical life skills worksheet.

Explore the do’s and don’ts of microwave usage, including what items to avoid, such as metal, plastic bags, and aluminum foil,  in this practical kitchen and food safety life skills story.

Why Choose Adulting Life Skills Worksheets?

Our comprehensive collection of worksheets covers a wide array of life skills, including:
Money Management: Learn how to budget, save, and make informed financial decisions.
Job Search: Gain the tools and knowledge to navigate the job market, create resumes, and excel in interviews.
Social Skills: Develop crucial social skills, such as effective communication, understanding emotions, and building meaningful relationships.
Kitchen and Food Safety: Master kitchen safety, cooking skills, and healthy eating habits.
Medical Safety: Learn about medication management, doctor visits, and emergency preparedness.
Holiday Life Skills: Prepare for and enjoy special occasions confidently, from planning festivities to gift-giving etiquette.

We understand the unique needs of individuals with autism. That’s why our worksheets are thoughtfully crafted with the following features:
Interactive Stories: Our worksheets are created around relatable stories that make learning fun and engaging. Each story guides learners through real-life scenarios, fostering a deeper understanding of essential skills.
Clear and Simple Language: We use straightforward language to ensure comprehension and accessibility, catering to diverse learners.
Real-World Experience: Our content is rooted in real-world experiences, making it immediately applicable to everyday life.
Age-Appropriate Graphics: We incorporate age-appropriate graphics that resonate with teens and adults, enhancing visual learning and engagement.
Questions and Answers: Each worksheet includes thought-provoking questions and detailed answers to reinforce learning and measure progress. This feature helps educators and caregivers track the development of essential life skills.

Our worksheets are designed to benefit:
Life Skills Teachers: Access a valuable resource to enhance your curriculum and support your students’ growth.
Adult Autism Centers: Empower individuals with autism in your care with practical and relatable life skills resources.
Occupational Therapists: Integrate our worksheets into therapy sessions to help clients develop vital life skills.
Parents and Caregivers: Provide your loved ones with autism the tools they need for greater independence and self-sufficiency.

Adulting Life Skills Resources is committed to equipping individuals with autism with the skills they need to thrive in the world. Explore our collection of interactive worksheets today and start the journey toward a more independent and fulfilling life.