Fall and Winter Life Skills Worksheets

Dive into the enriching world of Fall and Winter life skills worksheets at Adulting Life Skills Resources, specially designed for teens and adults with autism. Our innovative teaching methods weave together storytelling and social narratives to instill vital life skills, enhancing the joy and depth of holiday celebrations. Navigate through a diverse set of holiday themes, including embracing the true essence of Christmas through giving, connecting, and sharing; setting and achieving new goals with the New Year; cultivating a heart of thankfulness during Thanksgiving; understanding love and friendship on Valentine’s Day; and honoring the bravery and sacrifices of veterans on Veteran’s Day. Each worksheet is crafted to educate, engage, and inspire, turning holiday observances into learning, reflection, and personal growth opportunities. With Adulting Life Skills Resources, seasonal festivities are transformed into a rich tapestry of lessons that resonate well beyond the holidays, ensuring a meaningful and rewarding experience for all. Join us as we explore the warmth and spirit of the season through life skills that last a lifetime.


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