Career Exploration Life Skills Worksheets

Welcome to Adulting Life Skills Resources, your one-stop destination for Career Exploration Worksheets tailored to the unique needs of teens and adults with autism. Our innovative approach blends storytelling and social narratives to deliver engaging and practical lessons in essential job-seeking skills.

Jasmine Complete a Job Application is a worksheet designed to empower high school life skills students with essential job application skills.

Prepare for success on your first workday with Olivia’s helpful tips on dressing right, managing commute, and getting ready for orientation.

This career exploration story provides valuable insights, including research strategies, appropriate attire, and effective interview etiquette.

Alexa Learn to Write a Resume is a worksheet designed to empower high school students with the essential skills required to create a compelling resume.

Jasmine Learn to Read Her Pay Stub is a worksheet designed to empower high school life skills students with the ability to interpret pay stubs effectively.

Jasmine Learn to Read Her Pay Stub is a worksheet designed to empower high school life skills students with the ability to interpret pay stubs effectively.

Why Choose Adulting Life Skills Job Search Worksheets?

Our comprehensive Career Exploration Worksheets Worksheets cover a variety of essential job-seeking topics, including:
Completing a Job Application: Learn how to fill out job applications accurately and effectively, leaving a positive impression on potential employers.
Creating a Resume: Master the art of crafting a compelling resume that highlights your skills and experiences.
Preparing for a Job Interview: Gain confidence in interview situations by learning how to prepare, answer common interview questions, and make a great impression.
Having a Successful First Day at Work: Navigate the challenges of starting a new job, from understanding workplace expectations to building positive relationships with colleagues.

At Adulting Life Skills Resources, we prioritize the empowerment of individuals with autism through our worksheets, which are thoughtfully designed to meet their specific needs:
Interactive Stories: Our worksheets feature immersive stories transforming job search concepts into relatable, real-life experiences. This storytelling approach ensures that learning is not only educational but also enjoyable.
Clear and Simple Language: We use plain language to ensure that job-seeking concepts are easily understood, catering to a wide range of learners.
Real-World Experience: All our content is grounded in real-world situations, allowing learners to gain practical skills that they can immediately apply to their job search journey.
Age-Appropriate Graphics: We incorporate age-appropriate graphics that resonate with teens and adults, visually engaging the learning process.
Questions and Answers: Each worksheet includes thought-provoking questions and detailed answers to reinforce learning and measure progress. This feature empowers educators, therapists, parents, and caregivers to track skill development effectively.

Who Benefits from our Career Exploration  Worksheets?
Life Skills Teachers: Enhance your curriculum with our interactive resources to empower students with essential job-seeking skills.
Adult Autism Centers: Support individuals with autism in building the confidence and skills to secure meaningful employment.
Occupational Therapists: Integrate our worksheets into your therapy sessions to help clients with autism develop crucial job search skills for greater independence.
Parents and Caregivers: Equip your loved ones with autism with the tools they need to embark on a successful job search journey.

At Adulting Life Skills Resources, we are committed to helping individuals with autism gain the skills and confidence they need to pursue and maintain meaningful employment. Explore our interactive worksheets today and embark on a brighter professional future.