Career Exploration Life Skills Activities

Our Career Exploration activities are crafted to empower individuals with autism to thrive in their daily lives. Embarking on the journey of independent living is a significant milestone, and at Adulting Life Skills Resources, we are here to help. Our activities are designed with clear and simple language, real-world experiences, age-appropriate graphics, and interactive elements, making them ideal for special education settings. They are equally valuable for parents, caregivers, life skills teachers, occupational therapists, and adult autism centers.

How to Fill Out a Job Application is a vocational activity designed to teach students how to complete a standard job application by explaining each section of the employment application.

How to Write Your First Resume is a special education life skills resource that explains how a high school student can create a professional resume.

How to Prepare for a Job Interview is a step-by-step special education life skills resource that covers everything from researching the company and position to anticipating interview questions and creating responses.

25 Tips for a Successful First Day at Work is a valuable vocational life skill for high school students with disabilities who may require additional support and guidance in developing essential job skills.

How to Read a Basic Pay Stub is a step-by-step life skills activity that teaches students how a basic pay stub calculates earnings, gross pay, net pay, and deductions.

How to Schedule an Appointment is step-by-step life skills job-related activity that teaches students to plan, schedule, reschedule and cancel personal and professional appointments.

Why Choose our Career Exploration Activities?

We understand the unique needs of individuals with autism and have tailored our resources to address those requirements. Our Career Exploration activities are designed to be accessible to everyone, ensuring everyone can benefit.

  • Interactive Learning: Our activities are more than just lessons; they are interactive experiences that encourage active participation. This engagement promotes understanding and practical application of essential life skills.
  • Real-World Experience: We recognize the importance of real-world application. Our activities contain practical scenarios, including safety, time management, and personal organization. These scenarios bridge the gap between theory and daily life.
  • Age-Appropriate Graphics: Visual aids are crucial for comprehension and retention. Our activities feature age-appropriate graphics that enhance learning and make the experience enjoyable.
  • Questions and Answers: Measure progress and reinforce learning with our questions and answers sections. Learners can self-assess their understanding and track their improvement.

Empower yourself or those you care for with the essential skills needed for independent living. You can use our Career Exploration¬† activities whether you’re a life skills teacher, caregiver, parent, occupational therapist, or an individual with autism. Please explore our website and discover a wealth of resources to help you build confidence in daily life skills.