Spring and Summer Life Skills Worksheets

Turn to Adulting Life Skills Resources for an exclusive collection of Spring and Summer life skills worksheets perfectly crafted for teens and adults on the autism spectrum. Through our innovative use of storytelling and social narratives, we teach crucial life skills, enriching holiday celebrations with deeper meaning and joy. Our extensive worksheets cover vital topics for the season, including expressing gratitude on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, understanding love and friendship on Valentine’s Day, and recognizing the significance of Memorial Day in honoring heroes. Delve into Women’s History Month with activities that highlight the contributions of women, embrace environmental stewardship on Earth Day, and celebrate the 4th of July with a focus on safety and tradition. Each worksheet is designed to educate and inspire meaningful participation in these celebrations, fostering a greater appreciation for the world and its history. With Adulting Life Skills Resources, seasonal holidays become a pathway to learning and personal growth, ensuring every celebration is enjoyable and impactful.


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