How to Complete a Roommate Agreement

How to Complete a Roommate Agreement is a special education activity and worksheet designed to help teenagers and young adults improve their independent living skills. This functional life skills resource uses clear and simple language to teach students how to create a detailed roommate agreement, outline financial responsibilities, assign chores, implement guest policies, and more. This interactive independent living skills activity will engage your students with age-appropriate activities, relatable dialog, and real-world scenarios.

Number of Pages: 21   File Format: PDF (color and black-and-white)  Grade Levels: 10th – 12th, Adult Education, Homeschool



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  • This life skills activity covers how a roommate agreement can reduce the tension that arises from having a roommate.
  • Students will explore the concept of a roommate agreement and how it clarifies responsibilities in a shared space.
  • This worksheet dives into the details, from mundane chores to splitting bills, all covered in this activity.
  • This independent living skills activity and worksheet goes beyond chores to address conflict resolution, quiet hours, and guest policies.
  • Your students will discover the magic of effective communication and respecting each other’s needs when sharing a living space.
  • 43 Multiple-choice reading comprehension questions (answers included).
  • This activity can be part of a comprehensive independent living skills curriculum or a standalone aid.
  • This life skills activity contains step-by-step instructions, reading comprehension questions to reinforce learning and collect data, an answer key, age-appropriate graphics, real-world examples, and ideas for implementation.
Why Use

This resource is designed to help teens and adults develop independent living skills in various settings, such as home, school, work, or the community.

Intended User

This life skills resource can be used by parents, caregivers, special education teachers, therapists, clinicians, and coaches to promote independence in teens and adults.

Where to Use

This life skills resource is ideal for middle and high schools, at-home learning, life skills programs, one-on-one therapy, adult transition programs, social skills groups, adult day centers, and autism life skill centers.


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Adulting Life Skills Resources Independent Living Skills Special Education activity for high school students covering How to Complete A Roommate Agreement.How to Complete a Roommate Agreement
Get 25% off when you buy 3 or more resources!