Finance Life Skills Worksheets for Teens and Adults

Adulting Life Skills Resources is your trusted source for Finance Life Skills Worksheets tailored for teens and adults with autism. Our unique approach combines storytelling and social narratives to make learning essential finance skills engaging and effective.

Brian Learns About Credit is designed to help high school life skills teachers educate their students about the concept of credit in a simple and engaging way.

Nora guides Nelson in creating a comprehensive shopping list teaching skills like prioritizing needs and budgeting, all within relatable scenarios and visual aids.

Jasmine Learns to Manage Her Money is a high school life skills worksheet on budgeting, saving, and financial responsibility.

Omar Learns How Credit Cards Work is a high school life skills worksheet on understanding credit cards and managing statements.

Nelson Learns How to Manage His Purchases is a high school life skills worksheet on reviewing credit card statements and handling discrepancies.

Nelson Learns About Payment Methods is a high school life skills worksheet focusing on understanding cash, credit cards, debit cards, and gift cards.

Jasmine Learns How Much She Should Tip Her Server is a high school life skills worksheet on the importance of tipping and calculating tips.

Alexa Learns the Dangers of Using Public Wi-Fi and Phishing Scams is  designed to educate students on safeguarding their personal information online.

Brian Learns the Benefits of Debit Card Alerts is a high school life skills worksheet on debit card alerts and responsible account management.

Discover the advantages of having a bank account and safeguarding your money through Omar’s journey in this engaging life skills story, created to introduce fundamental banking concepts.

Learn the basics of budgeting with Nora and Nelson as they create a budget covering expenses like food, rent, utilities, books, and entertainment in this practical life skills story.

Alexa Learns to Plan for Unexpected Expenses is a worksheet for high school life skills teachers to prepare students for unforeseen financial surprises.

Omar Learns to Protect His Personal and Financial Information is a vital worksheet for high school life skills teachers to teach digital safety.

Alexa Learns How to Read a Bank Statement is a high school life skills worksheet for teaching students how to track financial transactions.

Jasmine Learn to Read Her Pay Stub offers a high school life skills worksheet with resources for teaching students financial independence.

Brian Learns How to Stick to His Budget is a worksheet for high school life skills teachers to assist students in effectively managing their finances.

Omar Learns How to Get His Finances in Order is a high school life skills worksheet on bill payments, budgeting, and smart shopping.

Alexa Learns How to Research Before Shopping Online is a life skills worksheet for making informed decisions about reliable products.

Why Choose Adulting Life Skills Finance Worksheets?

Our comprehensive Life Skills Finance Worksheets cover a broad range of finance-related topics, including:
Money Management: Learn the fundamentals of handling money wisely, including earning, saving, and spending.
Budgeting: Master the art of creating and sticking to a budget to achieve financial goals.
Banking: Understand the ins and outs of basic banking, from opening accounts to managing transactions.
Credit Cards: Navigate the world of credit responsibly, learning about credit card use and managing debt.
Thrifty Spending: Discover how to make cost-effective choices and stretch your budget.
Protecting Financial Information Online: Learn essential online safety measures to safeguard your financial data.
Researching Online Stores Before Buying: Make informed online purchases by researching products and sellers.
Managing Spending: Develop skills to control impulse spending and make thoughtful financial choices.
Shopping When Items Are on Sale: Maximize savings by shopping strategically during sales and promotions.
Other Financial Tips: Access a wealth of practical financial advice to enhance your financial well-being.

Our commitment to individuals with autism shines through in every aspect of our worksheets:
Interactive Stories: Our worksheets are built around captivating stories transforming financial concepts into relatable, real-life experiences. This approach makes learning enjoyable and memorable.
Clear and Simple Language: We use straightforward language to ensure everyone can easily grasp financial concepts, regardless of background or abilities.
Real-World Experience: All our content draws from real-world situations, helping learners apply their knowledge to everyday financial decisions.
Age-Appropriate Graphics: We incorporate age-appropriate graphics that resonate with teens and adults, making the learning process visually appealing and engaging.
Questions and Answers: Each worksheet includes thought-provoking questions and detailed answers to reinforce learning and gauge progress. This feature empowers educators, therapists, parents, and caregivers to track the development of vital financial skills.

Who Benefits from Our Money Management Worksheets?
Life Skills Teachers: Enhance your curriculum with our interactive resources to empower students with essential financial skills.
Adult Autism Centers: Support individuals with autism in building financial independence and security through practical and relatable lessons.
Occupational Therapists: Integrate our worksheets into your therapy sessions to help clients develop crucial financial skills for greater autonomy.
Parents and Caregivers: Equip your loved ones with autism with the tools they need for financial success and independence.

At Adulting Life Skills Resources, we’re dedicated to helping individuals with autism gain the financial skills they need for a more independent and empowered life. Explore our interactive worksheets today and embark on the journey toward financial confidence and success.